Metal brackets

These are classical and conventinal brackets that assure effiiciency and comfort during your orthodontic treatment. You are able to dress them yourself in your favorite colors. The latest minimalistic design that we use here in Risus allow you to be creative in designing your appliance, as well as fast control for your orthodontist. Metal brackets are very popular with both teenagers and adults, assuring classical orthodontics’ grand comeback in a modern manner.

Aesthetic sapphire (crystal) brackets

See-through brackets made of sapphire glass are designed to fullfill highest orhodontic aesthetic standards. They are usually installed on upper teeth in zones 5-5 or 3-3, combined with metal bracket on lower teeth. If your desire is to go through your orthodontic treatment without affecting your comfort during any social activity, sapphire brackets are perfect choice for you.

Aesthetic self-regulated brackets

These brackets are the combination of aesthetics and functionality that will meet your even most profound needs. These are specially made for those who will not be able see their orthodontist for regular controls. These do not color so they are the perfect choice for those who enjoy coffee and cigarettes. Aesthetic self-ligating appliances give you uncompromising aesthetics during your treatment. That makes them the most popular choice amongst our clients.