First step

Our ordination provides you with completely digitalized medical data fully avaliable and accessible to you and your dentist.

1. Gathering documentation

  • imprinting

  • photographing

  • X-ray

  • clinical examination

  • digitalized medical data

2. Therapy

  • interview

  • questions and concernes

  • choosing propper appliance

3. Necessary preparation

  • Cavity and periodontal status

  • Tooth extraction

  • Tooth separation

4. Installation of the appliance

  • Full braces installation takes around 60 minutes and is completely painless. After having full braces installed you can immediately return to your daily life making sure you follow instructions given to you by your orhodontist..

  • Retainers handover is no more than 10 minutes and requires it’s use to be explained. It is very important to fully commit to instructions given to you by your orthodontist in both written and verbal manner.