a)Pain upon fixed appliance instal or archwire change

  • After having your fixed appliance installed for the first time you may experience pain due to movement of teeth. Especially when chewing solid food you may feel tension due to masticatory sensitivity. It is recommended to eat soft food during first several days.

  • If the pain is still present, take any of the analgesics such as paracetamol or aspirin (as instructed). Discomfort may vary in potency and duration. For any additional information please contact us.

b) Loose bracket

c) Archwire is loose or sticks out

  • Due to moving of teeth, the archwire end may touch your cheek tissue or even gums. The archwire piece that irritates you, you may cover in orthodontic wax. Before applying the wax, make sure you dried the wire with paper towel. If your problem is solved and the pain is gone, you may wait for your next scheduled visit, if not please contact us for earlier appointment.

d) Elastic or metal ligature is lost

  • Archwires in brackets are retained with elastic or metal ligatures. If you loose a ligature it will not cause significant problems until your next appointment. It is advised to keep an eye on the tooth where ligature is missing. If it changes position make an appointment sooner than scheduled.

e) Spacing

  • In the very beginning of your orthodontic treatment it is normal for little spacing between the teeth to appear, which will disappear with time. If this concernes you please contact us.

f) Elastic chain

  • During the treatment you might have elastic chain installed over the brackets to keep them in place. If case this chain breaks, make an appointment.

g) Loose hook for elastic bands

  • In this case please give us a call so we can change it as soon as possible. If your next scheduled visit is within a week you may stop wearing elastic bands.


Appliance for temporomandibular joint or snoring appliance

  • If your appliance breaks, becomes defective or bothers you, please contact us. In some cases it can be fixed, but more often a new one needs to be made. In both cases you should bring your appliance with you so we can decide on what to do. If your appliance changes color (turns yellow) we may provide you with cleaning agent.



  • If your expander becomes loose, please schedule to visit us sooner.

  • If food gets stuck in it you may try to clean it with a tooth brush or waterpick. Try to avoid fiber foods.

  • During the therapy, roof of mouth and teeth may become oversensitive to pressure caused by widening of the upper jaws. If you are feeling insecure about it please contact us.


Orthodontic headgear

  • If your chin and forehead pillows wear out, you will find spare ones in the package given to you by us. If belts wear out to the fullest, you will be given new ones on your next scheduled visit. Please note the color of the belts bag, since there are belts in various dimensions.

  • If your headgear gets defective or belts loose, do not to fix them yourself, but please contact us as soon as possible.


Loose wire retainer

  • Please contact us as soon as possible so we can make you a new one. If not your teeth might move.

If you have any questions that we missed to answer above, please contact us.