When is the best time to begin with orthodontic treatment?

Even though your orthodontist can always help your smile, there is an optimal age to begin with the treatment. Choosing to begin with the treatment in the right time, you ensure best results for the shortest amount of time and least expences. American Orthodontics Association reccomends for the first treatments to start with the first orthodontic problems, or by the age of 7 the latest. In this period of time the therapy itself might not be necessary, but orthodontic assessment can give you the right time when to begin with the treatment.

What are the benefits of an early orthodontic assessment?

Early assessment is a great way to diagnose problems on time which results in more efficient treatment. Smart intervention guides both growth and development, and can prevent serious problems later in life. If orthodontic treatment is not necessary, your orthodontist can monitor growth and development, and start with the treatment if and when necessary.

Why is the age of 7 optimal time for the first orhodontic assessment?

The age of 7 is time when first permanent molars appear and bite is being established. In this period your orthodontist can assess jaws relation, and estimate possible treatment start. For example, the growth of incisors can show to possible deep bite, open bite or a gummy smile. Timely supervision maximises your chances for a beautiful smile and propper bite.